Types Of Duo Cone Seals

SAP Parts
SAP Parts
Aug 13 · 1 min read

Mechanical face seals, also known as lifetime seals, floating seals, duo cone seals, heavy duty seals and toric seals, are designed and engineered with dynamic sealing technology to provide sealing solutions for a variety of demanding applications such as construction machinery, agricultural equipment, mining machinery and Drive mechanisms for tunnel boring, track vehicles, concrete and cement mixers and many other construction vehicles lacking the durability required for conventional seals.

Design type:

There are two types of mechanical face seals.

  1. FO type

The most common design of Mechanical Face Seals is the FO design, also known as the ‘O’Ring design, where the’ O’Ring serves as a secondary sealing element. FO type mechanical face seals consist of two identical metallic sealing rings to seal each other on wrapped seal faces.

2. FT type

Mechanical Face Seal Type FT consists of two metal square seal rings with the same geometric contour, and the seal rings are assembled with trapezoidal or diamond shaped elastomers instead of ‘O’Ring type elastomers. The two metal seal rings are sealed against each other on the wrap seal surface.

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