The Quality in the Blood

This is the prologue to a novella/novel that I am planning to release in 2020.


Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her mother had named her Maria but nobody called her that. Her grandmother called her “Velenossa”, which means “poison” in Italian; which was their mother language. She was different from the other children in the family. While they were content to play jump rope, hide and seek, and sled down the beautiful white slopes of northern Pennsylvania each winter, she was not. She followed her grandmother about the garden learning…

Why Racism has no place in Norse Spirituality

By: Sapphire Mune

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Thanks to shows like Vikings and genetic testing companies like 23 and Me which help people understand where their ancestors have come from, the traditional ways of the far north are experiencing a spiritual rebirth here in the United States. Along with this has come some rather ugly behavior that as a Heathen Woman, a Vitki and Mother who is raising her children in The Troth I would like to address. I am not a scholar on Norse or Scandinavian culture. The things you will learn from me here…

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Django Hedgebear the Poet Dog

Django Hedgebear is not a very unordinary dog by most accounts. An all around average miniature red Australian shepherd born on a farm in North Texas late one November evening and adopted by a young family with three small children when he was eight weeks old. But this pup has always been just a little different, a unique soul. Django Hedgebear is a poet dog. Unlike most dogs who are content to chase balls and urinate upon hydrants, he questions. He looks for meaning in his furry life and in the lives of the people…

Sapphire Mune

Wordsmith, Storyteller, Wanderer of Worlds and Creator of People.

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