Logistics and Transportation: An Industry 4.1 Digitalization Outlook

Transportation and Logistics. Industry 4.1’s competitive advantage — speed and time

Enterprise leaders state that the transition to a real-time economy affects their organizational structure and business strategy.

  1. Mobile technologies
  2. Cybersecurity tools
  3. Data analysis
  • Focuses on fast data collecting
  • Utilizes data analysis
  • Accelerate the acquisition and processing of information

Fierce competition and slow transformation for Logistics and Transportation

  • Highly funded startups
  • Intelligent competitors
  • New business models
  • Partnerships and mergers of companies

Industry 4.1 approach for logistics and transportation

The successful transformation plan is based on three key digital actions: developing new business models and proposals, digitizing key operations, and building a strong internal digital base:

Development of new business models and offers. Driving L&T operations forwards with technological advancements

The new digitized platforms will help eliminate supply chain inefficiencies and facilitate customer interactions with the supplier in the digital space.

Logistics and Transportation Enterprises Lay the Internal Digital Foundation

Transportation and Logistics — A Hyper-Connected Future

Before they can start building their future in the long run, companies in the L&T sector must first organize their core — the enterprise.



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