Only Her Name!

The heart still sings that same song,
It misses her, it misses her a lot
Damn, that’s just so wrong!
They were away from each other,
far too long!

They tried motivating each other,
They tried to be each other support,
But, they always felt bad,
They knew their relation 
Will not last for too long!

Whenever they met,
They made love
As if their hearts were on fire.
They were always in a rush
To make every moment count,
They didn’t want to keep their heart
Full of unfulfilled desires.

They hoped that this act
Will make their relationship strong,
I don’t blame them,
They were naive,
The foolish couple, they were so wrong.
Their relation had become weak,
It was not the same anymore.

They could never figure out
When the immense love they had
Walked out of their life,
Walked out the front door!
On an ungrateful day 
Came that “whistle” of a higher frequency;
It was sassy and sultry
It was raunchy enough,
It managed to blow away the guy’s decency!

The guy got addicted 
To the whistle even more! 
Her sobs fell on deaf ears now,
Deprived of love
She doesn’t sing that song anymore.
Her heart still sings that song, sometimes.

Hoping the guy will come back,
He acted tough,
never thinks about her,
Not even worth a dime.

All of this was his playful act;
His heart longs for the old song
His love for her is still intact.
Though the distance between them is still the same;
She still rules his heart
It still takes only her name!

Co-Written By: Garima Agrawal 
Developed and Written by: Saptarshi Das

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