Celebrating Four Years of Overcart

Four years ago, Alex and I started Overcart as a company that helped console gamers trade in their old games. It’s been a fun and adventurous journey along the way, with some serious highs and lows. We saw multiple pivots, reorganisations, and realignment of priorities before becoming what we are today. Here are three things we learned along the way.

Every story begins with one small step: If we started in 2012 with the aim of solving the problem of excess inventory for some of India’s largest business, we would probably have failed. We started as a small community of gamers–not because our Excel sheets told us it was a lucrative business to be in, but because the two of us were avid gamers. What’s the worse that could happen, we reasoned with ourselves, at least we will play a lot of games. (We didn’t)

Overcart v1.0: Our first avatar

The team is the company: Even today, we hire first for culture and then for everything else. Majority of our folks from our core team are still around and playing an active role in our plans for world domination. We would never have gone this far without Saurabh’s tenacity with delighting clients, Parvesh building and running Bangalore, Anil holding the fort on our technology, and Garima pretty much running everything else. They are our heroes.

Parvesh (extreme right) took the Bangalore team from two people to twenty.

Your first customers can build you up (or break you down): Before we started the company, we had strong thoughts around how customers should be treated–being customers ourselves for a very long time. We can safely say that the first gamers that traded in their games were responsible for paving the path to glory for us. A huge shout out to the community at IVG for giving us the initial boost of confidence! And to the 500 customers on TrustedCompany that are still pushing us forward. Speaking of customers, I would also like to take the occasion to announce an exciting new update. As of today, our 1800 number is live and free for all our customers. So, if you want to chat, don’t hesitate to call!

Calling Overcart is now free.

If you’re interested in more of our story, here’s a cool little infographic of our history that highlights our highs and lows.

The Overcart Story (2012 — Present)

Originally published at blog.overcart.com on April 13, 2016.

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