Life of an IT Engineer in India

Early experience with the Indian IT industry , faded in memory lane , still trying to recapitulate those egregious memories .

It was 2006 , In the junior year of our college almost of us got our job offer from big MNCs, well to be scrupulous, received a piece of paper saying you will be employed after completion of your engineering.

The conspicuous question that comes to one’s mind is why offer a job 2 years before the completion of the course ? Well because a team of hunky dory experts analyzed the market trends , meticulously approximated the future demands may be using some esoteric gradient descent or other fancy approximation algorithm and came up with the quixotic number of young engineers they gonna need in the coming years .

2 years later when their approximation went horribly wrong , the first thing they did is , dishonoring those offers or better delaying it infinitely .

After a long and painful delay when we actually joined the company , were randomly (may be not completely random, based on our apathy) assigned to different teams and got trained on technologies like Mainframe , Hibernate . etc.

After 3 months training , and 6 months ‘Bench’ (an euphemism for the phase when company cant even allocate a Machine or a seat) when we were first assigned to a project we got an archaic windows desktop running windows XP 0n 512mb RAM .

Now the fun begins . you are only allowed to use IE7 . Can’t download any open source software , have to get a manager’s approval at every step .Most of the projects were support projects . i.e. the actual software is built by some other company and mundane tasks like DB refresh , small calculation changes and label changes are outsourced to Indian wing of those MNCs.

Then there were Town-halls where somebody from other hemisphere used to approbate us for our eclectic work and used to explain how much we are contributing for company’s rise to the acme . Nothing was making sense , future looked extremely insipid and we used to take alcohol everyday after work to assuage the feeling of despair.

Desperate yo get out of the stalemate , some went for MBA and some tried to learn new technologies and tried to get into startups and product based companies.

It’s almost 4 years since them, most of us who were able to move out were extremely lucky and got over that ordeal. but it makes me gloomy when I see the attitude of those MNCs hasn’t changed and they are doing the same injustice to the young talent day in and day out .

Is there a way we can fix it ?