Top Trending 15 B2B Marketplaces To Boost Your Business In 2018

If you are a businessman, then you will definitely agree with the need and importance of marketing. Marketing is an area, where you target your audience and build a strong profitable relationship. We all know that for capturing market, a strong Goodwill is necessary, but now with the passage of time things are changing frequently. With the emerging technology and increased market exposure through digital world, the game of marketing has totally changed. Now buyers can easily approach suppliers at any corner of the world. This increased exposure has created a competition worldwide. To overcome this problem, B2B platforms like B2B websites or B2B marketplaces are available, which not only brings leads to the suppliers but also converts enquiries to sales.

B2B refers to ‘business to business transactions’. No business is possible without interacting with other business. You need supplies to fuel your manufacturing department, you need operational services like auditing and maintenance, or distribution and retailing is also a part of B2B interaction. Sometimes you need both online and offline services. For this you must know the top most service providing websites in this field.

Through proper research and analysis we have come up with a list of top 15 Business to business transactions website. Here you go.

List of top 15 b2b market places

1. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the top most successful portals of e-trade world. It was founded by Jack Ma and Peng lei 18 years ago in China. Alibaba is a huge platform that offers a wide range of services and solutions to its client. It is a convenient and efficient platform for Business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer and a number of other trade services. It also offers E-Commerce, Online auction hosting, online money transfers, mobile commerce and online shopping to its users.

Alibaba is holding a number of companies including Ali Express, Guangzhou, Evergrande Taobao, F.C, UCWeb,,, AntFinancial, Lazada, Alibaba Cloud, Youku Tudou, Cainiao, and Tmall. According to the last survey conducted in 2017, the net income generated by Alibaba and its subsidiaries was US$6.2 billion and the number of employee’s working there exceeds 50,000.

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2. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is another established platform for all the E-commerce activities. It was founded 10 years ago and now serves its more than 500,000 registered users. It is rapidly increasing its database of companies, to help its users enjoy a wide range of safe, reliable and over the edge experience. eWorld trade works its best for B2B lead generation. It promotes transparency and quality at both ends. Whether it’s related to B to B sales, B2C business, or Consumer to consumer marketing, eWorld Trade is an online agency, which provides complete solutions for all the online business activities.

According to a latest survey, it is also considered as a leading B2B market place where potential buyers meet their desired sellers.

Official Website:

3. Made-in-China

China is now one of the top producers in the world. It is successfully capturing global market with its cheap and quality products. Made-in-China is a B2B platform where buyers from worldwide can easily approach Chinese brands. It was founded in 1998 under the operations of Focus Technology Co. Ltd. Made-in-China is also a renowned marketplace for all the B2B marketing activities.

Official website of this Chinese B2B portal can be operated in 11 different languages. It has 27 major categories of different products with further more than 3,600 sub categories. It is the first e-commerce website which conducts a full review on paid-up suppliers. It promotes Chinese products and helps them express their presence globally.

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4. Manta

Manta is also a business to business interaction website. It offers promotional activities and facilitates connections. Manta is a helpful platform for all the new or small ventures which are not expert enough to take strategic decisions. It has its own experts, which they like to call ‘Pros’. These Pros help in customizing a strong marketing plan and ensures its implementation. Proper plan and strategies are paired with digital marketing services to get the maximum exposure required for appreciate-able returns.

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5. GlobalSources

GlobalSources is also a part of E-commerce industry. It is one of the oldest agencies founded in 1970. Its headquarters is located in Hong Kong China. Like Made-in-China, Global sources is also a platform that promotes Chinese products, brands and companies. GlobalSources only deals in 4 major catagories which include consumer electronics, mobile electronics, Home appliances and fashion. This website is helpful tool for those searching for Chinese products in international market as it is currently serving more than 1 million buyers and retailers from all over the world.

According to survey conducted in 2012, Net revenue generated by GlobalSources was US$231.7 Million. Its subsidiary companies include Haoji Group Limited, Topranch Limited, Blue Bamboo China Venture, Trade Media Holding Limited, Huanyu Shishang Exibition.

Official Website:

6. DHGate

DHGate was founded by Diane Wang 20 years ago. She has a strong experience in digital marketing services and has been a part of many strong ventures. DH refers to Dunhuang, which is the oldest city of china connecting to silk route. She named it Dunhuang with a strong belief of making this B2B website a successful online silk route for all the Chinese products.

DHGate is an online wholesale market which enables buyers and sellers from worldwide to meet on a single platform and make successful business transactions in bulk quantities. It caters over 1.2 million sellers and 10 million buyers from over 230 countries. Their multilingual sale has enabled users to choose among English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. It deals in more than 33 million manufactured products.

Official Website:

7. GlobalMarket

GlobalMarket is a B2B sales website that deals in lighting, machinery and equipment, furniture, building and decoration, hardware and tools, automotive parts and vehicles, apparel and textiles, consumer electronics, home appliances, household goods and gifts. Like DHGate and Made-in-china, GlobalMarket also deals in Chinese brands. Global market not only helps Chinese sellers stand out in the market but also works at buyers end by preventing them from frauds. To encourage quality production, GlobalMarket has set 8 benchmarks for all the companies. Those who are according to the benchmark are entitled ‘Global Manufacturer Certificate (GMC)’.

GlobalMarket also provides sourcing solutions to its registered clients. Its sourcing solutions include search engines, exhibition tour, sourcing events, business matching, Sourcing catalogues, product express, logistics services and other sourcing consultancy.

Official Website:

8. EC21

EC21 is a B2B marketing agency that enables a large number of buyers across the globe to optimize their product’s reach and get maximum sales leads. Its well designed categories and smart keywords make it easy for the buyers to search their desired products in just few clicks. On EC21 buyers are also allowed to post their buying leads, to get quotes from manufacturers and sellers.

EC21 has proved to be an important trade tool for the companies from worldwide including Korea, China and US.

Official Website:

9. EC Plaza

EC Plaza was established as a Business to business marketing agency in 1996. It was founded in South Korea by Enkyu Park. It provides both online and offline services to its 1 million registered members. Along with providing B2B leads, it offers EDI services, trade consultancy and SME. It has a team of experts that have experience in wide range of trade domains. EC Plaza also has connections with more than 50 global agency networks which satisfies your overseas needs of trade meetings, buyers invitation, market research and much more.

Official website of the EC Plaza claims to be ‘Number 1 trade leader’ by having largest scale of online offers. EC Plaza is also listed on top ranking sites like Alexa, Rankey, 100 HOT etc.

Official Website:

10. Thomas Net

Formerly known as ‘Thomas register of American Manufacturers’, Thomas Net is an online B2B portal mostly used in USA and Canada. It was founded in 1898 serving the same purpose but through papers and book. In 2006, Thomas Net realized the importance of digital media and converted its printed work to online work.

With an unbeatable experience of more than 120 years, Thomas Net still stands out in the market with supplier profiles more than 5 billion, more than 6 Million industrial products and 3 million 2D and 3D CAD designs.

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HKTDC stands for Hong Kong trade development council. It was developed in 1966 in Hong Kong. This b2b portal promotes product and services offered in Hong Kong. At HKTDC buyers across the globe can easily approach suppliers, manufacturers or service providers from Hong Kong. HKTDC covers more than 30 industries connecting 1.8 million buyers to 130,000 Hong Kong based manufacturers and suppliers. It has 40 offices in 6 continents out of which 12 are located in China.

HKTDC is one of the biggest business-to-business and business-to-consumer platforms for Hong Kong based manufacturers and suppliers.

Official Website:

12. TaiwanTrade

TaiwanTrade is a Taiwan based B-to-B website which deals in Electronics, hardware, machinery, sports, auto parts, gift items, food, medicines, fashion and other Taiwan made products. Buyers from different countries across the world can easily approach Taiwan manufacturers, quote their leads and purchase products in bulk quantities in affordable range.

TaiwanTrade ensures transparency and protects its users from fraud and unfair transactions. Further expert advices are also provided for sound decision making.

Official Website:

13. Kompass

Kompass is also one of the leading B2B online business portals that enable users to reach their targeted market. Kompass offers 4 solutions that cover all the marketing, sales and lead generation activities. These 4 solutions include Data Access, Data Services, Digital Solutions and Sales Intelligence.

· Digital access allows manufacturers to target their potential buyers, Estimates financial risks, design and implement emailing campaigns.

· Data Services includes database updates, creating new database, removing companies from database which are no longer in trading and revitalizing it with the latest information related to it.

· Digital solutions cover all the aspects of digital marketing. It increases you brand visibility, reach target audience, increase traffic flow and promotes brand awareness internationally.

· ByPath Sales Intelligence tool bridges the gap between companies and market leaders. This eventually saves time, improves decision making and brings lead to both business and consumers.

Official Website:

14. TradeIndia

TradeIndia is a small B2B business portal that promotes small manufacturing units working in India as well as across the globe. It was initially founded by Bikky Khosla in 1996 in New dehli, which was further extended Infocom Network Ltd. It has 35 branch offices in multiple cities and around 1200 employees working for it.

TradeIndia publishes its yellow papers increasing awareness of local Indian brands in export and import community. There are over 12000 product categories which are further divided in sub categories. Products include online business catalogs, DialB2B, Trade Alerts, Call Me Free Service, credit reports and trade leads. TradeIndia actively participates in multiple tradeshows and maintains a separate section for Chinese suppliers in its portal.

TradeIndia offers multiple offline services including Digital Marketing. It has understood the latest trend of smartphones and has launched optimized versions for its mobile phone users.

TradeIndia is the first Indian B2B portal which serves more than 3 million registered users.

Official Website:

15. TradeKey

TradeKey was founded in 2006 as an electronic platform for all the B2B activities. It attracts buyers and sellers on a single platform where they can exchange values in safe, least costly and time saving manner.

Currently it is serving 9,123,766 users from 240 different countries. Tradekey has created a sound digital marketplace for over 7 million importers and exporters globally. It has successfully achieved the benchmark of earning both ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security System certifications.

Tradekey also offers a wide range of digital marketing service to its registered members. From branding to increased traffic flow, TradeKey offers complete business solutions to new and existing giant ventures.

Official Website:

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