Saqib Soomro and his antique chairs collection

Definition of a Chair to Mr. Saqib Soomro

He owns a lot of chairs. Ranging from different types to different styles to different genres to different specs. But what he could gauge out of his chair collection is their exquisiteness, their stand-out, their look, their style and several other factors by which they could literally speak for themselves as a living entity with arrogance like those of British colonial era. According to Mr. Saqib Ahmed Soomro, the chair is a piece of art in front of him, when telling about the definition of his ideal chair, he stayed quiet for a few minutes as he engrossed himself over the thoughts which only he could think of and the passion he holds for chair collection which a layman like us could never even comprehend about. He said that a perfect chair is an example of living creature if it is seen from the eye of a heart.

The most loved chair of Mr. Saqib Ahmed

He owns the collection of chairs which is unheard-of and never seen as well. The best the most precious chairs which one could never ever find in the entire world. Ranging from Italy to France to Slovakia to Romania. It has often been seen that even the English people praise Mr. Saqib over his magnificent chair collection. When we inquired to him that what is his most loved and most adored chair he smiled looking at all his chairs, as if he was talking to them, like they are his children, and he says to us that one can’t choose between the children, how can you expect me to tell me which is my most loved chair. But after too much insisting, he came to a conclusion that the chair that he had bought from Arctic area is his most loved most adored and most precious chair to him.

Tale behind the chair’s acquisition

When we inquired him about his chair acquisition case he smiled and looked at us as if he was thinking that why are we interfering in his personal matter. But then he smiled again looking at his chair, and told us that when he went to visit the area of Arctic from the passage of Norway which goes straight though the town of Santorin he came across an area where everybody was standing in front of a furniture shop he walked in the midst of people hovering over the shop and he could not help himself but see a magnificent looking masterpiece which he looked and adored. So he went inside the shop and asked the price, at first the salesman said that it isn’t for sale but Mr. Saqib bought it at a price of 20,000 US Dollars which the salesman of the shop could not say no to.