Why taking the photographs is ruining your holiday

Holidays are supposed felt inside

He states that, the main and sole purpose of taking out time with your family or going on a holiday or timing out of your life to energize your senses and souls is that one goes and experience things from his soul, from his mind, from his body, the cameras these days really hamper the situation there is, because when you have a camera in hand you are prone towards in the hastiness of clicking away whatever you see as if it’s going to vanish somewhere and not to feel the essence of it. Mr. Saqib Ahmed states that generations before us were lucky, why? Because they didn’t have the curse called a camera in their life. Whenever they went for tourism purposes he enjoyed and memorized the actual scenario more than getting the scenery in their frames clicked just to show the world how flamboyant did their vacation went.

Cameras are a curse

When you see the camera. You always feel the rush of technology making your life easy and making it easy for you to save all your memories digitally, but have you ever wondered that all because of these cameras you are unable to enjoy the actual essence of a holiday? Have you ever thought that you stress more on clicking the best part and to show it all the social media you have so that you get the bragging rights in your peer circle and the sole purpose of taking a long holiday is long dead and that sole purpose being that vacation is for yourself, not to advertise them on social media through your expensive cameras just making you feel like a photographer which you actually aren’t. Mr. Saqib SommroPhotography these days is must for everything, everywhere we go, we see kids holding their DSLR Cameras and clicking away to whatever they feel like. Mr. SaqibSoomro has stated that photography these days has become a curse rather than a blessing, here is why: states that camera are the curse which has made a person dubious of his standards and has pushed a person into a false sense of achievement which isn’t there.

Photography should stay in a limit
After listening to Mr. Ahmed’s words we asked him that by saying all this does he mean that a person or a family planning a holiday shouldn’t take their camera along? Or shouldn’t make use of their cell phones for photography. He abruptly said NO!! What he meant was that photography should only be constituted to a part where you make some memories out of them, you take those photographs as a souvenir when you get back home. Those pictures should serve the purpose of keeping the memories alive or recalling the memories again when you want to revisit the nostalgia in your brain. He states that keep your clicks to a minimum, and they should only be for you and not to show the world and give you the bragging rights all over.