Interested challenge


They were all doing good but one of my friend is not in good health. One friend is doing her internship in interior designing and she wants to built his career i her field she makes different decoration pieces and send them in expo center to sell them it inspires me a lot that in such a young age she carried herself in a very excellent way also she has achieved a scholarship from her uni two days ago. Two friends of mine are doing MBBS both are sailing in the same boat. Both of them have recently passes their second year profs and now they are happy and relaxed and preparing their selves to face new work challenges in 3rd year. From both of them i learnt how to face challenges if situation is too hard and they always give me best suggestion whenever i need them.


First of all they all are in good health and busy in their routine life. My father is busy in his business he has got much hectic time while doing work he want to open a new branch of his show room on another place so that he can spread his business. My mother is a teacher and she wants to make herself better so that she can teach students properly. My brother is attending different English speaking clubs and gaining different skills also he is determined to groom his self and completing his education so in future after two years he wants to get admission in LUMS because he is passionate to get study from there. It’s very impressive that he is stuck to his goal. i got from him that a person must be passionate about his goals. My sister is doing her intermediate and she wants to built her career in being a chef for this she watch many recipes on you tube and try those in home. Mother does not allow her to go for her goal but she is determined. From this i got experience that we should fight or our goals and do our best then there won’t be any hurdle in achieving goal.


They are also all in good health. they all are ruining to get their goals and for making their future lives easier. One of my cousin is becoming an engineer he wants to set his own company and want to be honor. From this my experience is that our dreams should be high we should think high. If we think high things become way more easier because we get passionate. One of my cousin is studying literature she wants to be a writer she has written many articles and want herself in a better position in future because she wants to make her future good in literature. She only do her work and struggle to achieve her goals. she inspired me that besides our field we should have some extra knowledge.


They all are happy and fantastic. one of my fellow is doing her training for martial arts and want to go on a match after two days. She is very good and very kind hearted and always try to ease every person by facilitating them as much as she can. i got from her that we should facilitate others without expecting anything from others.

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