If it were really important they’d email me, right?

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I got a letter in the mail today. The envelope said “URGENT: OPEN IMMEDIATELY.” That must mean it’s important. I opened the letter and right at the top was a warning: “Response due in 15 days.

Some people get stressed out by letters like this, but I have a system. I keep all of my important mail where it belongs… on my kitchen table, where it will remain until I am ready to deal with it—or until I die. Whichever comes first.

My dentist sent me a bill today, but the only way to pay it is to send a…

Does anything froot my loops anymore?

close-up of Froot Loops
close-up of Froot Loops
Photo by Haley Owens on Unsplash


This colorful cereal boasts natural fruit flavors like Lemony Yellow™, Orangey Orange™ and Grapity Purple™. As I gaze at the Silly Rabbit on the box, I yearn to feel an ounce of his ambition. He tries so desperately to taste the cereal he hawks, but is continually thwarted by cruel children and their arbitrary “Trix are for kids” rule. It’s not unlike when I asked for a promotion and my boss at BuzzFood, a popular food blog, laughed in my face and pointed out my inability to meet the weekly deadline for our Keto Korner column. …

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As a standup comic, it’s important to have mentors — people who can share helpful insights about the world of comedy.

That’s why, when I was visiting my parents last weekend, I was delighted to run into my mom’s friend Linda at the annual neighborhood barbecue. Linda, who has not seen live comedy since her church group went to a Jay Leno taping in 1997, generously offered me advice on how to become a successful standup comic today.

For any other aspiring comedians out there, here are Linda’s helpful tips:

Linda asked me how my improv was going, so I…

Excerpts from Judd Apatow’s Book “Sick in the Head”

If I had Judd Apatow’s book Sick in the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy in paperback instead of Kindle, the pages would be well-worn and dog-eared. I read it cover to cover, then I re-read my favorite chapters, and I open it up whenever I can’t sleep.

As I pored through this book, I highlighted the quotes that resonated most with me as an amateur comic, and thought that others inside and outside the comedy world would enjoy them. So here are the philosophies and lessons learned from some of the most respected comedians of all time.

Judd Apatow…

Turning 30 feels like a milestone. It’s a new era: You’ve got a decade of career experience, you start to see your parents as human beings, and two glasses of Pinot Grigio now result in a devastating hangover.

I turned 30 in July, and the months that followed were a roller coaster. The lows were filled with a level of uncertainty that my overachieving, habit-craving brain wasn’t used to, but the highs helped me discover new ways to make the most of my career.

Here is a sampling of the ups and downs from the last six months:

  • Turned 30

A sample itinerary for anyone planning a trip to the Land of Smiles

While planning my first trip to Thailand, I was so overwhelmed by the contradicting TripAdvisor reviews and hundreds of travel blogs that I found it most helpful to get recommendations from friends. So now I’m paying it forward and passing along our learnings so that anyone thinking about going to Thailand has a starting point.

If you have any questions after reading this, feel free to leave a comment or message me!

I clearly have a lot of thoughts on Thailand. If you have any questions after reading this, feel free to leave a comment or message me!

Recommended stay…

Better to play it safe, he says

Learning to accept — and even embrace — a romantic partner’s shortcomings is something that all couples go through. I still experience this even after three years with my boyfriend Bryan, a full-time cryptocurrency trader.

For example, I got mad at Bryan for forgetting my birthday this year, but I just have to accept that he’s not a detail-oriented guy, even though he can carefully type a 64-digit, case sensitive private key into his Bitcoin wallet from memory.

I want to take our relationship to the next level, but Bryan, who has poured…

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