A letter from May 15th, 2015

When I was in high school I discovered a website called FutureMe.org. Since then I’ve been sending emails to my future self. Here’s one I sent last year:

Hey Sara,
How does Explore Apnea turn out? Is all the work worth it? Tonight’s the night before the big day — the first official Explore Apnea dive.
I feel so much uncertainty recently. It’s hard not to be earning as much money as other people. Especially when your parents doubt what you’re doing.
But we’ll prove them wrong, right?
Oh, and do you get that National Geographic Young Explorer Grant? I hope you do. Or that you’re still working on it after getting rejected the first few times. National Geographic is the dream.
Don’t forget about Adam Braun of Pencils of Promise. He is your current life peg.
You’re still not quite over (name of the last guy I dated) at this point, by the way. I guess this is just how you deal with heartbreak. You never quite get over it.
I hope you’re not as insecure anymore though. I hope you know you’re enough. More than enough! You’re amazing.
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