My Heroes

It’s easy for me to feel lost or unsure of where I’m going because there is no one way of getting there. There’s no one to tell me if I’m going the right way. No one to call me out if I’m being an asshole.

Which is why I have a list of people I look up to and follow. I may not know them personally but they’ve been become a wind rose of sorts for me.

Hannah Reyes

I’ve been following Hannah since 2013. She started out with a blog called Yellow Adventures. She took pictures for various travel publications until she got a National Geographic Young Explorer Grant to document indigenous tribes in the Philippines. One of her more recent work on human trafficking in fishing vessels was published in the New York Times. Seeing her grow and succeed has been so encouraging, especially since she’s only a year older than I am.

Sarah Lee

Sarah is an incredible surf and underwater photographer. Her photos inspire me to try to capture the same beauty when I’m diving.

Anna Ehrgott

Anna is a surfer, model, photographer, and founder of Sagebrush Bags. She makes all of her company’s surf bags by hand. She’s nomadic and doesn’t mind a simple, slow-paced lifestyle. Even her blog is named “Stillness”.

Steve McCurry

I don’t think I even need to explain this one. Just. Ugh. Dreams.

Funny that all these people are photographers. It comes to show what I truly want to be doing in life. Though I don’t take photos professionally, photography has always been in my life and will continue to be there forever.

I can only hope that I capture stories and become my own as amazingly as these heroes of mine.

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