Ocean City Girl

The collage that is my life.

My name’s Sara and I’m a mess.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve never managed to stick to one thing for an extended period of time. When I was a kid up until a teenager, I would go through some phase at least once a year. In the fourth grade it was piano. In the fifth grade it was basketball. High school freshman year it was emo music, My Chemical Romance, all-black outfits. Sophomore year it was musical theater. Then I got into photography before I graduated. In university I studied graphic design and naturally obsessed about that.

I worked as a full-time graphic designer for two years until I realized I was sick of it. Last year I started a passion project and now full-fledged business called Reef Nomads. Reef Nomads teaches skin diving (think extreme snorkeling) so people fall in love with the ocean and protect it. The same way I did when I started diving.

Now my life is a struggle to balance all the things I love: travel, diving, marine conservation, entrepreneurship, photography, design, and writing. I can’t quite focus on one thing or compartmentalize all these parts of me. Instead I’m using this platform to help bring all those things together. And in the end create something that makes sense to me and to the world.

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