Sharing a story of your mentor

A mentor is someone whom you can count on for honest and reliable advice,who can spare time for you when you need him.A mentor is your support in difficult situation. So.So a mentor can provide a spark or simple path to guidance to push you to take first step to accomplish your goal.When you have a mentor,you are learning from someone who is already arrived at where you want to be.A great mentor will share his experience with you to help you achieve your goal in the best possible way they know how.So,a mentor is not a person who is not wih you or who is out of your access.Your easy access to your mentor differentiates him from your inspiration.

I will start by sharing a story of my life long inspiration and my mentor.I can come up with lot of names who have inspired me and helped me at the spot where I am today but there is one name which is always on my mind and that is the name of my friend Sana Zafar,a student of M.Sc chemistry in university of agriculture,Faisalabad.I value her honesty,her support,her love and her approachability much more than the experience of someone else in my network.

She is my spiritual friend,classmate and hostel fellow as well.First time,I found her kind and sensible girl.In the very first day,I was impressed by her confident talk with new fellows in hostel.In her first day in the university,she was talking with others in really very friendly way.Her concepts were cleared.Her picking power was very high.Due to some reasons,she was one month late in class,but she progressed very fast in studies.I was inspired by her positive attitude in even negative situation.

I have learned a lot in her company.Before she came,I was frustrated due to irritating behavior of my hostel fellows.Due to which I could not study with my full potential.But after she came,I found a really good company as a result,I was able to learn and study with my full potential.She helped me in learning as she always made me to deduce positive facts from negative things.I learned from her that self belief is a power which can make you do any work you want.She did not believe to take part in the race of getting marks.She always believed in learning and getting maximum knowledge about the subject.I learned from her that how to communicate effectively.I always saw her as a patient person.She did not overwhelmed by the problem.Most importantly,I learned from her that you must not focus on problem no matter how much difficult situation it is,you always have to focus on the “solution of problem’’.My great weakness was extremism.I felt and thought about every situation to the extreme level but I controlled a lor on my this habit in her company.She helped me to develop strong belief in Allah Almighty as well.

She never ever tried to help me to think and think about the problems,she always made me to implement the solution of any hurdle no matter it is applicable or not.

She always helped me to learn new things,supported and encouraged me.In every problem and in every situation,she always stood right with me.She supported me to join Amal Fellowship.In its session,I had a problem of communication.She helped me to enhance my communication power by continuously encouraging me.Regarding my career,she always helped me to figure out the best choices about my future.She encouraged me to get experience in the field of teaching, after masters.She has really an inner sensor that make her feel that which thing is lacking in mine.She played a great role in my grooming and learning.

She helped me to learn how to behave with diverse type of people.She facilitated me in every situation.She protected me really just in a way more than a sister.In my life,she worked as a catalyst to improve my efficiency rate in my work.

Humility has taught me to learn a number of things from my mentor.Without humility,I could not learn too much.Humility was real essence which made me learn great things from my mentor.

In the end,I want to give a gift of lot of pray to my mentor.May she get best rewards of her efforts and may her life cover with a lot of happiness.I want to learn more in her company.She is the only person in the world that I can ask any question with her freely and can say anything to her which I want to talk about.May she get success in each and every step of her life. Ameen.

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