A rant about the nuisance that is revision

I’ll come right out with it: revision sucks.

I suppose I can only talk about my own experience with writing because, for all I know others might find revision pleasing. But for me the process of revising my work is paired with the most annoying sense of despair; annoying because I hate what that despair implies. It implies that I am pleased with what I have written, when in actual fact that could not be further from the truth in most cases.

So why the revulsion to revision? (see what I did there?)

Well, no, I am not pleased with what I have written, but I have written it nonetheless. The exact words that have appeared on the paper (or, um, the screen) have been the results of the impressions I was under at the time of composition; impressions that can never be duplicated. By changing those words, I can’t help but feel that I am letting go of a part of myself.

now, I understand how unbelievably egocentric, not to mention melodramatic, that must sound. This is partly the reason why I find my less than easy feelings towards editing my essays so annoying; I would like to avoid feeling so self centered if possible, thank you.

It has, however, been pointed out to me that we write for an audience and that no matter how revision might make us feel, if it improves the outcome, it is to be welcomed. Not that I needed the reminder, I am fully aware that I am writing for an audience, really, I am. That’s why I usually woman up and let revision in when there is need for it, but I also feel I need to let it be known that the annoying little word stealer is only here out of necessity and by no means welcome.

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