How to do things you hate (but are good at) for money

I’m somewhat of a tolerable translator but GAWD it kills me to get each word out. I absolutely hate the work but unfortunately for me, I was not born with the luxury of never having to work for money. (and I wouldn’t know but I’d say I would have worked either way).

So here are a few hard-learned lessons in the art of sucking it up and getting the job done.

1. make a mental map of every thing that needs to be done

It helps to use your sense of accomplishment to your advantage. No matter how much you hate doing something, it’s very probable that you do not hate doing something. Make a mental (or not) map or list of everything you need to do and cross off items as you go along.

2. Turn off social media (A.K.A. Eliminate all temptation)

If you’re anything like me, anything can be distracting. Add that to the fact that I am, in fact, the master (mistress?) of procrastination, and you get the drift. Turn off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatnot and just generally de-clutter your mental space.

3. Change your scenery

Go to the library, a friend’s house, or anywhere that is new enough to keep you from wasting your time fiddling with stuff that’s lying around. This is also helpful if you are a slob, which I am not (Ahem), but can’t concentrate when you are surrounded by last week’s clothes.

4. dress up

Even if you’re working at home, dress like you’re at the office. Do your hair, make up, wear goddamn heels if you have to (or, um, you know, do whatever it is that guys do to dress up). this will help you keep from taking a nap 10 minutes into the work.

5. Provide yourself with controlled distraction

Sometimes, there’s just no stopping yourself from getting distracted. If you absolutely have to, provide yourself with a controlled form of distraction that will only mildly amuse you but is not hard to let go of. This does not include TV, social media, or anything else that is visually or mentally stimulative. This is gonna sound dorky, but crafts, books (unless you’re really into them), and other more interesting jobs you have to get done are good distractions.