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Illustration by Joey Guidone

Be the Change You Want to See

“If you want to make the world a better place, become a designer.”

This is not advice that I can recall ever hearing before, nor is it honestly the primary association that I have ever consciously held regarding the field of design. But now that I’ve chosen to switch my career from Special Education, an objectively “do-good” field, to Design, this is a belief that I’m adamant about adopting.

My Journey

I first considered the field of Special Education after devoting a life-changing summer to working as a counselor at a two-month sleepaway camp for campers with developmental disabilities. After witnessing my campers’ confidence and skills grow after just two months of intensive attention, I was wholeheartedly convinced that I had found my place in the world. I immediately changed my major to Special Education, and upon graduation, worked in my dream job of supporting adults with disabilities in finding and maintaining rewarding careers of their choice in the Seattle area. Helping these individuals to recognize that their strengths mold them into valued employees in their communities was rewarding beyond words. …

Sara Mirowitz

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