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In this Facebook Marketing Strategy video you will learn how to use Facebook to actually generate leads and sales for your business, including some real world case studies of business thriving on Facebook. Stay tuned.

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So why is Facebook important and what are some Facebook Marketing Strategies that you can use to leverage the world’s largest social media platform let’s have a look.

So let’s talk about the extreme reach of Facebook, at the time of this recording Facebook has just reported over 1.5 billion Facebook users, so 1 in 9 people in the world are currently on Facebook 50% of who use Facebook every day. If Facebook was a country it would be technically the largest country in the world. It is the world’s biggest social media network. In addition to having extreme reach Facebook also has many users and high engagement. The average Facebook user has a 130 friends and is connected to at least 80 pages. There are over 427 million mobile users, the average Facebook user spends 20 minutes per visit or 6 to 8 hours on Facebook per month.

There are over 250 million photos uploaded daily, over 2.7 billion likes per day on Facebook, the split on Facebook at the moment is about 57% females to 43% males. Facebook becomes an extremely powerful platform due to the fact that it has so many users who are so engaged on its platform. So let’s get started with an overview of how to use Facebook in 4 simple steps.

The first step to using Facebook is to understand that it’s a platform to help you build your brand so you can be seen by your audience, and this means maximizing Facebooks real estate including your Facebook cover photo, your Facebook profile image and posting content regularly and consistently on Facebook so you’re seen by your audience.

The second step in using Facebook is once you’ve built your brand it’s about getting more customers, building your following through Facebook advertising through Facebook networking and really understanding Facebook as a traffic tool to bring customers to you.

The third step in using Facebook is about engaging with your audience, now that people know that you exist, now that you’ve begun to get more followers its about engaging with them on and off Facebook, and building a relationship with your audience. You’re building a relationship with them by sharing engaging content and having a content strategy and plan that really is focused on providing value to your audience that helps them. I like to call it making your users fierce in awesomeness. So this is about providing them value that helps solve their pains their fears and their frustrations and this is how you become a leader and a go to person in your field.

The final step in using Facebook for business is we’ve gone from building your brand and being seen to getting more customers to engaging with people with content on and off Facebook, and the third step is about putting people particularly followers into a pipe line and your building an audience with them, you’re making the sale and your servicing your customers.

Let’s have a look at some businesses who are using Facebook extremely well to grow there empires.

This is the Raw Chef also known as Russell James and I’ve been following Russell for a few years now and I’ve seen him grow from 20 000 followers on Facebook to over 200 000 followers on Facebook. And what I’ve noticed about Russell is that he uses Facebook very strategically. He is consistent with posting his raw food recipes and images. He is consistent with posting offers so that his audience is used to him selling, and he is also fantastic at creating a funnel, so getting people from Facebook to his website where he then engages with them through email. If you haven’t followed the Raw chef or Russell James already, definitely have a look at his Facebook fan page and have a look at what he is doing correctly. I really love following Russell because he just is on this exponential growth path from what I can see and I really love seeing this small business just grow.

Another case study of a small business using Facebook really well is Mishka, and Mishka sells clothing online, and she purely makes all of her sales based off the traffic from Facebook. So once again we have someone leveraging Facebook traffic, bringing people back to her website where she sells clothes. She posts really regularly and it’s all about fashion and trends and it’s about the consistency of giving people what they want and enabling them to buy it from you on your website.

Here we have Gecko Adventures who are a travel agency and I love following Gecko adventures because I love to travel, but they also have used Facebook very well as a way to sell there tours and there travel packages. Now you’ve seen Russell James who is a raw food chef who sells E courses, you’ve seen Mishka who sells clothes, she’s an online Ecommerce clothing retailer, and you’ve seen now Gecko adventures, for them what they all do well and consistently is take the traffic from Facebook engage with an audience there but then bring people back to their website where they make the transaction.

So when we think about our Facebook marketing strategy the best way to leverage Facebook is to use that reach to drive traffic to your website and to build an email list. So at a top level it’s about using Facebook to reach new customers with the aim of getting them into your sales pipe line. Once you’ve started to engage with them you build a relationship with them on and off Facebook, so you post on your Facebook to engage with them you interact with them on other social media platforms as well as in conjunction with your email list and then the third step is to grow and nurture a relationship to sell to them.

This Facebook marketing strategy works because the emphasis is on building a relationship with the user providing them with lots of value and engaging with them and then making a transaction after that as opposed to pushing the sale and pitching pitching pitching pitching. It’s much easier to sell to someone who knows likes and trusts you than it is to sell to someone cold, where we are interacting with people building a relationship with them which then increases the propensity that they will buy from us.

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