How to create a Social Media content calendar

I’ve officially been in charming Zagreb, Croatia for 1 whole week. Check out the picture of me, dressed like an Eskimo in about 4 layers of clothing, overlooking the city.

Some people prefer hot, tropical temperatures. Me…not so much.

After living in so-hot-and-humid-I’m-melting Vietnam for a year, I prefer colder climates. Even though the winters can be tough. You know what else is tough? Being in business is tough.

There’s so much to learn about running and growing your business and so many skills you have to develop in order to get the job done. It’s hard to know where to start sometimes. Especially when you look at the players who’ve been doing it for a while and they all have around 94 different skills they use regularly like ninjas. Jerks.

I was talking to a client friend who asked me: “How do you manage all of your Social Media stuff. Where do you even begin?”

And my answer was: “With a Social Media content calendar.”

Even if I don’t achieve everything I’ve planned on my calendar, without it I’d be even further from the goal post.

With Social Media, there’s always so much to do. That’s why creating a Social Media content calendar helps, allowing you comprehend exactly what you need to get done. Then enabling you to put your plan into motion.

So, because I am so nice (and humble, clearly…) I created a video this week that shows you: How to create a Social Media content calendar.

Check out the video here:

In this video, I show you how I plan out my content and schedule it across the different Social Media networks. What to post, when and where to post and how often.

Make sure to check it out. If you’ve been holding back from using Social Media because you don’t know where to start, check out my video.

I’ve broken down the steps (and colour coded them) to help simplify the process. Despite the simplicity, it’s also a solid plan.

Enjoy! Go get ’em tiger ;)


Check out the video here:

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