Dangerous Design trends 2017
Eleana Gkogka

Hi Eleana! Absolutely brilliant article and you absolutely nailed everything that is wrong with experimental layouts with this sentence

“Our daily lives are chaotic enough. Do we need more of that, while trying to find information online?”

As the number of websites on the WWW continues to grow, an unfortunate trend that I am seeing is that user interface/user experience designers are being pressured to create new and delightful user experiences that often buck tradition in order to stand out from the crowd (I’ve personally felt this). We feel the need to exercise creativity over empathy because empathy can sometimes seem boring to the creative mind. For example, how exciting is it to create yet ANOTHER site with black or dark grey text set against a white or light grey background? So I think there definitely is this internal war raging in designers heads over whether to design something that looks and feels amazing or design something that looks old and boring but actually conveys information well.

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