My nerdy-glorious non-traditional wedding vows

My dearest love, when I asked you how you were feeling about us getting married a couple of weeks ago, you responded that in your mind, we have already been married for over 6 years. I was so struck by your response, because it is so full of truth- it feels as though we have been married since before there was time itself.

Since the day I first met you, you shone bright as the sun- a sun who rose and illuminated my entire world. It is as if you manifested from every dream I have ever had about the perfect human being for me! I remember when that cop gave me a ticket for blowing through a stop sign on Kanan because I was day dreaming about your eyes. They are the exact color of the southern California ocean. Your eyes dance with a laughter, grace, mischievousness, wisdom, and intelligence that I am now lucky enough to swim in forever. Truly, when I look at you, I see the essence of all the art and love and goodness in the world. You stand firm in a compassion, fierce courage and ethics that are far beyond your earthly years, and in this, I know I can trust.

Truly, my love, one life time is not enough for me to spend with you. I am comforted by this strong feeling I have inside, that you and me and beautiful little Dahlia were at one point specks of cosmic dust floating along after each other through the multiverse, bouncing off of black holes, and dancing on top of supernova’s. waiting to spring forth into physical form so we could love each other even harder. I was there for you then, and I will be there for you when we go beyond the material form.

And now for my promises. Garrett King, I love you, and you are my very best friend. I promise to always support your wildest dreams in all areas of life- all except for climbing Mt. Everest, you’re on your own with that one! I promise to spend as much time as possible with you and Dahlia in and around the ocean. I promise to always be the one you can be completely yourself around; to be the one who keeps your fears and joys close and cherishes them like I do my own soul. I promise to watch the ESPN highlights from the Premiere League, with you in the evenings, and try my best to understand whats happening on the pitch, even if that’s a little slow going…because I know you will continue to watch Project Runway with me afterwards.

I promise that one day very, VERY, soon, I will finish my dissertation so that you don’t have to read it anymore…even though I know you are the biggest fan of my writing. I promise to love you with every breathe, and every molecule in my being, because when I look at you, I see all of my past and future selves together. Our family is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen or experienced; know that your and Dahlia’s peace, happiness and contentment will always be my greatest accomplishment!