“Dealing with Twitter loyalists”


Apparently, anyone involved in staffing, recruiting, HR, or just business in general is supposed to rah-rah that Lord Elon is really learning a hard lesson because of the Twitter resignations.

Oh, he’s gonna suffer for being a hardliner! The employees are really gonna stick it to him and show him!

I even saw a post on social media that the Twitter resignations should be taught in business school as a power to the people movement.


Respectfully, I disagree.

Is Lord Elon gonna learn any type of lesson from this? Hell no. IMO, this was never about more than strategically thinning the herd.

“Musk believes after Twitter purge he’s dealing with loyalists, says Platformer’s Casey Newton.”

Exactly. I believe this was always about purging people who disagree with him and/or who do not want to sell their souls to the company. Don’t wanna work 60+ hours a week whenever you’re told? Don’t wanna RTO? Bye-bye!

In so many ways, RTO is about showing your fealty to an employer over, well, everything else. Fears of Covid/RSV/flu, hating a long commute, figuring out child care/pet care/elder care, giving up a comfortable WFH environment, etc. GIT YER BUTT BACK IN THE CUBE FARM NOW!

“Don’t let stars outshine the team”

“Having a superstar employee on your team isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Rather than inspiring and lifting up colleagues, a high-performer can sometimes demotivate them and spark feelings of resentment. Managers can make a big difference to the outcome, The Wall Street Journal writes. Pairing stars with younger or newer employees, or connecting them with colleagues who have complementary but not competing skills, can help top performers empower and not overshadow the rest of the organization. The key, Harvard Business Review says, is to keep motivating your ‘B players’ alongside the ‘A players.’”

Yeeeaahhhhh. Let’s just call a thing a thing here and keep it real.

IMO, this is all about cultivating the compliant employees. The ones who will go along to get along and RTO if told and do basically nothing to rock the boat.

“That’s what we want, isn’t it — government approved rock’n’roll? ‘We’re rock stars who do Pepsi cola commercials!’” -Bill Hicks

These so-called B players are like the government approved rock music. Nothing will really change, no arguments, no mavericks. Just sit down, shut up, and do whatever the boss tells ya.

I think even if only a handful of people are left at Twitter when the dust settles — if they are the so-labeled loyalists who have a strong commitment to Musk and the organization — then Elon is getting what he truly wants. And let me give you a little secret here: I believe that kind of fealty is what MOST CEOs in this country actually want, too.


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