A statement from Sara Christensen of Kickass Masterminds

Sara Christensen

In a very human moment, I made an error in judgment by posting to my Instagram stories about a job applicant’s online persona.

To anyone watching: I am a great case study in what NOT to do.

To Ms. Clow: I apologize for my behavior. I intended you no harm. I should never have made that post.

To those I serve through my business and who have trusted my counsel: Many of you have been affected by this very avoidable event. There are no words to describe how sorry I am that you have felt the consequences of my poor decision. You deserve better and I’ve let you down. I will do my best to earn back your trust.

I have absolutely learned a lesson in this event, and while I’m not ready to publicly address it in detail, I will let you know if or when that changes.

    Sara Christensen

    Written by

    Kickass Masterminds

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