Smart Movie Tracking

I’m a big fan of movies. There is almost always a movie in theaters I want to see, and an even longer list of movies that have been released I never got the chance to watch. However, there is not a good way to keep track of everything I watch or want to watch. That’s why I built this site. It maintains a list of movies that a user has or wants to watch and let’s them save their reviews for each movie.

The Functionality

In the final site, users can add movies to their personal list, including movies that have yet to be released. They can mark the films they want to watch or re-watch in the future, so you never have to search for a movie to watch when you want to. They can also save a review for each movie, keeping track of the films they enjoyed. A big goal of the site is to be fast a clean, I want to user to be able to pull up a list of there top rated movies instantly, and quickly find the movies currently in theaters they want to watch.

The Design

For the sake of efficiency, there are many ways movies can be sorted an categorized. The top bar lets user’s see only the films they want to watch or re-watch, or only the films they have yet to review. In any category, the films can be organized by title (in case the user is looking for a specific film), release data (so the user can quickly separate films that are in theaters, are unreleased, or are out on DVD), their review, critics review, and audience review (in order to find the “best” films in the collection). By creating several organizational methods, all the users needs are accounted for.

A user’s entire movie list, sorted by release date
Films the user wants to see, sorted by release date
Films the user wants to see, sorted by release date

In 2 clicks, a user can find the best reviewed film they currently want to see, or find a movie currently in theaters that they haven't reviewed yet. The visual design is meant to reflect on the efficiency of the site, by being minimalist and informative.

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