On the Record: Bernie Sanders on Basic Income
Scott Santens

Hi Scott,

I saw that you favorited a Tweet I posted in response to Sam Altman’s call for basic income research. Are you at all connected to that Y Combinator research project? Very cool work you’re doing.

(BTW, wrote this piece on Bernie a couple months back: https://medium.com/@saraaboulafia/an-open-letter-to-bernie-sanders-about-the-blacklivesmatter-protest-on-saturday-b78357c38207#.ajk5cl4qg. Also wrote a press release for him for an Oakland march last week).

I’m not fully content with Sanders’ answers on basic income on the Reddit threads above, but I also understand why he’d presently have a laser-focus on wages and unions. I’m so glad you and others are bringing this discussion to the fore with real praxis and pushing him and others on it, and I love how you’re leveraging Patreon to enable your work.

Looking forward to following and learning more about your (imperative!) work.