sara, i’m a 75 year old white guy who also wrote about this subject: it’s on this page……if you take…
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Hi there,

I appreciate you reaching out, though I have to say I disagree with a good amount of your post. I think it should have probably been clear in my letter that I would. First, there’s the questionable notion that allies will listen without activists banging down the door — this not only hasn’t proven to be the case, but Black Lives Matter’s approach has directly resulted in Sander’s new Racial Justice platform. I said as much in my update to my post.

This is NOT about divisiveness — it’s about holding each other accountable. In my mind, when we do so, we achieve a greater, more integrated and intersectional unity. One could argue that the most recent protestors in Seattle could have given Bernie the opportunity to address the racial justice issue before leaping on stage, but I also don’t think it’s fair to expect people in in a state of emergency to conduct themselves with perfectly diplomatic aplomb. But this is something I feel like I adequately covered previously.

Lastly, your comment: “…send in two girls who become hysterical,” is unfortunately sexist (though perhaps unintentionally so — such is culture). These are two Black *women,* not girls. Historically, the word “hysterical” has been a way to undermine the contributions of women. Women are often written off as “hysterical” when they have something valuable to say that needs to be said. This allows the name-caller to simply dismiss a woman as irrational without taking any accountability for their own actions (or in this case, their inaction). It’s fair to disagree with the tactics of these particular women (one of their names is Marissa Janae Johnson, leader of a Seattle chapter of BLM), but they are not the tactics of children nor crazy people. They’re tactics of people who are demanding to be heard. After all, melanin-lacking people like us might not be talking about this if they weren’t doing so.

I suggest checking out this video of Jay Smooth talking about the critical responses to BLM protests by Bernie Sanders’ white supporters: Might give you yet another perspective on this.

Thank you for engaging the subject.


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