Introduction of a LUNAtic


My name is Sara (AKA Lu). I’m 21 years old.

A Lover of Words and the Moon::;

the aspect i admire most about our existence is our capability to share.words are sacred. language is sacred. as i grow older i worry more and more about the lack of passion that i notice when it comes to the appreciation of words — writing — and just overall honest communication.

seeing as to how i study psychology (and plan to do so for the rest of my life), i am naturally a very analytical and deep minded individual. i chose to study psychology for the selfish reason of wanting to explore my own mental make-up and development.

i’m a lover of writing, yet i am also one to get discouraged fairly easily — a dangerous mix of characteristics that could lead to the abandonment of something i Love.

my deep appreciation for meticulous communication leads me to quickly label my writings as “not good …enough”, which in turn brings up an overwhelming feeling of frustration.

i am afraid i may one day wake up and feel as if my love for communicating has left me due to this build up of frustration and feeling of “not good …enough”.

i hope that day isn’t today or any other day that follows.

The Reason I Write:

I love to share. I love sharing my thoughts with those capable of understanding my in-depth sense of analyzing and portraying the things i experience or witness. Like others who acknowledge and accept their uniqueness, i too truly appreciate my own unprecedented style of perceiving and interpreting life.

to reach a point where i have to acknowledge the notion of losing parts of myself that i admire so much is fearful -yet it may just serve as the little bit of fuel i need to progress even farther.

…a dear friend introduced me to this website and it just may be my last hope at holding on to this passion

Peace and Blessings