There are no bad or good people, only people who do good and bad things


Since I was young, I always misunderstood that smoking people are bad, becuz my parents told me that smoking was not good, and I once wanted to try to smoke, but unluckily that my dad found out I smoked, and was slapped in the face. Since then I thought “People who smoke are bad” Which it was so wrong. I just did a bad thing because I was so young and innocent and was convinced by a friend, and it did not judge that smoking people are bad. Not at all, or not even close. But smoking is just a bad habit that will spoil your health and the people around you.

As I have been growing up in the Asian Culture, and yeah, I am Thai, and the culture I see now a day is that most of Asians judge people from the surfaces or outsides (Don’t mean all of the Asians). When they see some men in suit & tie, they assume that those men are good people becuz of what they wear. In contrast, when they see people with slippers on, unironed shirts and wearing shorts, they tend to have a negative feeling about it cuz what they see shape their thoughts that NAH, they might be not good people. But that’s only what they wear (Good outfit, and normal outfit, same like good things & bad things)

Be Humble, Everybody is fighting for their own battles

Actually, it is our instincts to judge things from what we see and assume. But if we start with “REASON”. Then we will perceive that what’s right and wrong. For instance, people with tattoo will be first judged that they are not good men, but it’s only what they do, which it’s an art and believe, if you think that they are not good people, can you give the reason?

Criminals, drug dealers, smokers, cheaters, thieves and many more… They are not bad people, but they only do bad things, and they have their own reasons to do so, but those reasons caused them f#*ked up. The reality is we are all the same, when we were born, we have nothing, we know nothing. As we grow up, we learn from the environments, we learn to survive, we learn to love, we learn to give & take and we learn to judge the people. Don’t forget to the good things, giving smiles, hopes, loves, hugs, knowledge…on and on to the people around you.

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