Do Black lives matter more to you than white property and non-black comfort and privilege? Do Black lives matter enough to do something about it?

Disclaimer: I am a non-black person of color. If this is one of many articles you read this week, thank you for reading. But, even if you’re my friend or family member just reading this to support me, if it’s the first, or if you haven’t read many from Black writers specifically, please exit my page and read the abundance of powerful and important and educational articles and essays written by Black writers, first. Black women, Black men, Black trans and non-binary folx. Let their voices be the ones that lead us, and the ones we prioritize listening to about…

Mindy Kaling’s new Netflix show found a way to tell a story about Indian Americans with compassion


Adolescence was a hairy, painfully cringeworthy, bittersweet time for Brown girls growing up in the United States. And Mindy Kaling (and several other writers, producers, and directors at Netflix) took that moment in time and packaged it into the 10-episode debut season of Never Have I Ever, a series filled with irresistible joy, endearing vulnerability, and the representation so many Indian American girls have never seen.

I (obviously) binged this entire series in less than a day after it premiered, as did most Desi girls in the U.S., …

My beautiful, wonderful, lovable Mom on our trip to Canada, a country with less than one tenth of our wealth that manages to afford universal healthcare and that’s currently paying their residents $2,000 per month for the next four months to get through this crisis.

I know that many people have already felt the sharp, inexplicable pain of losing a mother — a pain that I haven’t felt and can’t fully relate to. I know that this is something most human beings will experience in their lifetimes — inevitable and terrible and incomparable.

And I know that I am blessed to be 27 years old and still have a mother who is so very present in my life.

I know that I have a mother who read me bedtime stories as a child and helped me with my homework, even though she worked long hours…

Anderson Cooper talks empathy, privilege, queerness, and desensitization ahead of an uncensored night in Ft. Lauderdale with Andy Cohen, where audiences can get to know the unfiltered, uninhibited versions of them.

Anderson Cooper is no stranger to South Florida. As one of the most well-known television news reporters in the 21st century, he’s come here to cover our abundance of headline-making events, from hurricanes to mass shootings. But when he comes with Andy Cohen next week it will be for an uncommon reason: to have fun and let loose.

The pair are coming to host AC2: An Intimate Evening with…

July 4th is upon us, and given the daily atrocities in our nation, a patriotic dilemma is imminent. There are concentration camps at the border. There are women drinking out of toilets. There are babies crying out for their parents and parents crying out for their children. There are people we are holding captive without even so much as a toothbrush or soap. There are people dying at the hands of our government. There are people who came seeking asylum and human decency only to be met with unthinkable, uniquely American cruelty. So, how do we celebrate today?

Ever since…

I often tell the same story when I’m looking to relate to people. It’s about my first year in America, when I was in kindergarten and just five years old. I had moved from Trinidad, where everyone celebrated everything in my eyes. Hindus, Muslims, and Christians celebrated each other’s holidays, like Diwali, Eid, and Christmas with passion and pride. I had moved to New Jersey and was certainly not yet acclimated to my new home or its culture. So, when my kindergarten teacher alluded to a big holiday in November coming up, and asked if anyone knew what holiday that…

Saraana Jamraj

I love and I write and I advocate for actionable compassion. ❤ twitter: @Saraana_Selene

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