Interaction Design Process Blog

This week’s assignment was to “design and prototype a simple smartphone app to facilitate the contribution of data that could aid researchers investigating various environmental issues”. My specific studio’s topic was “Plant health in King County” so I constructed a prototype that would provide an index containing information regarding every plant, a camera to identify any unknown plants, a health analysis of the pictured plant, and tips on how to improve a specific plant’s health. These elements are included so that users can be more knowledgeable of any potential plants they may come across. The camera option is available so that users can either identify unknown plants or acquire tips on how to make that plant more healthy.

My group & I developing our initial ideas

After creating multiple drafts and various ideas, I was unsatisfied with all of them. But then I remembered that I have my own plant in my room that I’m struggling to keep alive, which is where I got the idea for my app. I realized that I want an easily accessible resource that could aid me in keeping this plant alive, which is why I thought of the health analysis & tips components so that users like me who are new to gardening can use this app confidently. I want to refine this prototype even more by adding additional helpful features, but I’m not sure what to consider. For the future, I would like to think of an idea of how to make this app more attractive to people who are experts at plants.

Putting our ideas on board

This project was fun because it was rewarding to see my chicken-scratch ideas eventually develop into a tangible prototype. Although it was frustrating thinking of decent ideas in the beginning, it ended up being a lot of fun. This assignment gave me another opportunity to work with interaction design and a better idea of what it is.