Everybody lies, or How to avoid this?

Nowadays only the laziest person doesn’t talk about cryptocurrencies and doesn’t regret about not investing in Bitcoin when its rate was much lower. Besides, more people are dreaming about simple raising money in ICO.

Dr. House was right
If you look at the ratings of icobench.com, you can say with confidence that the era of cryptocurrency has been already here and much more inquiring minds are trying to make money on cryptocurrencies. Developers also use blockchain technology and make as none serious as aimed at banking institutions and investment structures services.

On the other hand, the generation of millennials also waits for quickly and easily earning on a popular hype around the crypto and the blockchain.

I’ve got a good friend. He is an investor, serious guy with a full-money wallet and passive income which is the same as the budget of a small banana country. We meet each other not so often, but when it happens I usually get a couple of entertaining stories from the world of big money. Few weeks ago my friend asked me to find out what problems do ICOs face, where do they get profit in comparison with traditional methods of conducting investment portfolios.

A raw investigation help me to reveal some interesting facts that I want to share with everyone. First let’s define with the following capital truth, which at least once every serious investor came across in his life: everybody lies. 
Yes, Dr. House was right. No one else lie so perfectly as it does the executive directors together with their chief accountants. This sweet couple is eager to lie 24 hours for the attracting additional funds, hiding permanent losses, falsifying reports only not to anger their investors. Comes to the fact that they make manual changes in ERP-systems.

A light in the end of a tunnel
Actually, my research was aimed at finding similar problems in ICO 
and looking for the ways of solving these problems by new methods.

It turned out that 90% of all ICOs I’ve studied was either a pure “scam” (another fashionable word today) or just an idea without any real product, without clear plans, but with a great desire to attract money.

In the process of studying this young market with a lot of same products 
I could find several really promising projects in which even such skeptic as me believed. My own laziness won’t let me tell about all of them in this article. Let’s start with one of the projects that suddenly can solve the problems of my friend.

I wrote earlier that everybody lies. It’s true. But a distributed registry can help directors of companies in which investors prefer to invest their money to get rid of that lies. In the case when each transaction is written in a distributed decentralized network — lying is not so easy process. After all “all the moves are recorded”.

My searches brought me to the team of intelligent guys who clearly understand something about the current problems of the modern world, 
the profitable investment of money and all the lies around it. Unexpectedly 
I realized that their decision is exactly what companies need. 
Hashbon.com offers the idea of ​​relationships between investors and companies that would be free from the problems described earlier. After all if all records are kept in a distributed registry they can no longer be falsified. 
It means that any potential investor will see a clear info of the company’s work, complete reporting and full transparency in numbers!

Moreover, Hashbon offers a whole infrastructure, a convenient solution for events and even discussions online — a whole range of services for people whose minute is more expensive than my monthly income before paying taxes. Perhaps I’ll look thoughtfully at this project and maybe will invest too if I’m confident in the transparency of all actions and the possibility of quick and convenient remote monitoring.