Christmas shopping miracle

Sarabjeet Singh
Dec 14, 2018 · 2 min read

Shopping miracle again. Online shopping continues to dazzle and fail us at the same time (Full disclosure, I work in the same industry). First, thank you to Barneys for carrying an amazing assortment of drink ware items. I’d love to drink from those glasses. Second, please think before “partially shipping” my order and messing my Christmas present and wasting hours of your and my time. Third, do not, just do not argue with the customer. Apologize, listen and begin disaster recovery. Just do your basic manners.

So, here’s the story. I ordered these amazing champagne flutes on (thank you to Kim Seybert for creating those). Truly, I thought, a present that stands out and would make my aunt more than happy. She loves to throw parties. But, to my surprise, they shipped my order “partially” — only ONE out of the six glasses arrived at my desk yesterday. And I fly to India on Monday. When I called the customer care center, I was informed the website now says it’s a pre-order item. A tech debacle. Truly, a mess at it’s heart.

To add to the trouble, the customer care executive refused to listen and understand the situation and simply tried to prove them right. All of this, at a high-end luxury store, where you pay up for better goods and hope for a good service. No consolation in word or gift was offered. No math has probably ever been done on the value of truly great customer service.

I ended up cancelling my order and I am now going to look elsewhere. This did make me think and reflect on building great experiences and businesses and what corporations should be doing:

  1. The customer is always right. They are spending time to shop with you. Acknowledge, understand, and improve. Do not try to prove your point.
  2. Offer options and solutions, be creative, recover from the situation, ask how else you can help. Do not argue.
  3. Be transparent. Tell them you are improving your assortment, systems, whatever that might be. Perhaps, offer a last min treat, a gift card. A small gesture goes far.

A happy customer creates ten more and it only multiples from there. Do your math.

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