The power of lists

Packing for a long trip? You need a what-to-pack list.

Weekend grocery shopping and you forgot herbs? You need a shopping list.

Preparing for a product launch? You need a check list and it better be comprehensive.

Christmas presents for the family? You need many lists perhaps.

Lists are powerful. They make life easier. Why would you want to think through mundane repetitive tasks every time! Simply go through the relevant list and ensure you have coverage. Save your brain power for more attentive and important work. Recently, my lists have exploded and I am trying to bring that discipline to every part of life:

1. To dos for mom: keep a list

2. Weekly/Monthly work tasks: track them on a list

3. Travel packing for long and short trips: keep separate lists, it is so fast to pack this way

4. Grocery shopping: maintain a shared list that you can share with your co-inhabitants

5. Presents for festivals, birthdays and more: keep your lists. It’s so easy to add things when you see something that would be a great gift for your friends or family. This has been one of my favorite lists.

6. New places to travel: My second favorite list

And the list is endless. There are several apps out there starting from a notepad app to shopping lists app to email drafts (people do that) to Google Keep. I discovered Keep earlier this year and it’s been one of my most used apps (thanks to lists) this year. It’s fast and well designed. It’s easy to add items, edit, delete and do more. You can share and check items off or on from your lists anytime. You can type or write on your screen. You can use voice and add imagery. You can search through your lists — once you have many, you’d need that. I haven’t even used all of the amazing features it has yet.

2019 will be time I want to bring lists to work. There are several areas that can benefit from lists:

· how to resolve a site issue — a checklist for each type

· how to release code fast and effectively — follow a list of steps

· how to run your business daily — a checklist of metrics and dashboards

Lists have saved me time and improved my quality of life. I pack better and am happier when traveling. I don’t forget anything and save $ by not buying more. I have bought more thoughtful gifts for friends and family by maintaining lists for presents. I am traveling to new places I add to my lists all the time. I track my work better using daily lists and am more effective.

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