Know Yourself

In today’s fast pace world, we need everything to be done very quickly as we all are running short of time. Many things to do in very less of time so that we start doing procrastinate of our daily tasks.

Today’s lifestyle is so busy that we often don’t have time to recognize oneself. We are so attached with things like devices, leisures, food, friends, technology, family etc. that we forgot ourselves. We get separated from nature from where we belong, from where our body gets energy to do daily tasks.

If you are reading this article you must be in search of yourself, if so then pause everything around you, give your mind a break to its though process to learn something about you which you haven’t discover earlier.

A human body(your body) made of particles, cells and all organs inside get energy from the nature to work simultaneously. Sun is the main and large energy of source in the nature. Our body is made up using Fire, Water and Earthy elements according to Ayurveda.

We don’t actually need mouth to speek, ears to listen and eyes to see. Yes without moving our tongue we can talk to ourself, without opening our eyes we can memorised our good old memories and see that images going through in front of us in sequence.

Think yourself as Jarvis installed in Robotic machine made by Tony Stark. You are the soul in your body given and maintained by God. You can walk through all your body from head to feet. You can communicate with each of the organ of your body. Our body has internal pharmacy which can produce and heal any suffering in our body. As we all are busy doing external work, our mind managing everything unknowingly to you.

Our mind is very powerful way more then our imagination. It has direct control and effect on our body. You switched the mood, Mind share the message to all of your organs to respond in the asked way. If you feel sad your heartbeat rate will be slow down all of the processes in your body slow down. If a good news suddenly flash to you, you instantly feel charged as all of your organs get energized and processes becomes fast.

This human body have the ability and powers to do anything but if maintained properly. I suggest everyone to eat clean, sleep better and be connected with nature to fell lively.

You can do anything if you have faith on you.
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