#PledgeToPodcast once again, and start the new school year building something amazing to share with the world

Last August, I announced an initiative to encourage more teachers to try podcasting in their classrooms — no matter what the age of their students. The response was enthusiastic and fun, and led to a month of helping educators more closely align with the ways audio can enhance PBL, and give all students a chance to feel heard.

Now that we are all experiencing some level of remote teaching and learning, there is an even stronger pull towards methods of instruction, assessment, and…

Building community and legacy with podcasting

Back-to-school can invoke a variety of emotions, from panic to inspiration. For teachers, part of the difficulty is showing up the first week to news that you have two unexpected subjects to teach, 30 more students than you thought, and 10 new tools, programs, or projects you’re expected to integrate into your class without even blinking. And while we are all more than willing to learn new technologies that will help us with everything from taking attendance to projecting a room of 5th graders into the ocean, what we really benefit from is knowing the difference between the tech-of-the-moment and…

#PledgeToPodcast and start the new school year building something amazing to share with the world

Each September 30, podcasters all over the world come together virtually and in person to recognize the growing role that audio plays in our lives. This fall, the team at Synth is excited to bring you our very own first celebration of International Podcast Day. Founded in 2014 by Dave Lee, International Podcast Day began very small. First, National Podcast Day was celebrated with just 6 hours of broadcasting. According to the organization’s website, “After quickly realizing the power of podcasts internationally, we rebranded into what we are today — International Podcast Day. Between 2015 and 2019, we broadcasted hundreds…

Merging one of education’s most popular campaigns with a timeless quest

Hearing Synth Educator, Jamie Turnbull, recount her ISTE experience made me think about what creativity looked like when I was in high school, and how the freedom to design one’s own learning was not yet a part of the language.

I wrote one of my two required college admissions essays on Columbine because it was required of me. I graduated from high school in 2000, and that means that I was a sophomore when the massacre happened. I remember the trauma of it pretty well, but I don’t remember a connection to it that would have, two years later, compelled…

Connecting and Empowering Teacher Voice and Professional Learning

This week we are shifting our lens away from direct classroom focus and zooming in on the practice of becoming a well-informed educator. In addition to teaching, Jamie Turnbull leads a humanities team, and Erin Olson serves as an instructional leader and coach; both of these positions offer opportunities to bring valuable resources to educators district-wide, which inspired Erin to pen a blog based on their experiences and her hopes for the future of professional development. …

“WeSources”: Collaborative Research Threading Through the Voices of Students

As educators, we realize the power of collaboration and student voice. Taking an individual’s thoughts and sharing them with a larger audience allows for the expansion of greater ideas. Taking risks and straying from the traditional “notecard” method of tracking research has allowed for more interactive experiences in the classroom. The opportunity to analyze facts, and pair them with opinion, fosters discussion and collaborative thinking. When researching, of course, our goal is for students to attain valid research. More specifically, it must be research they understand, and that which is relative to theme and topic. …

Podcasting through Pictures with Creative Writing

Launched at the 2013 Global Education conference, “Out My Window” was born from a quest to have students gain global perspective. Leslie Pralle Osborn and Erin Olson designed “Out My Window” to help classrooms share their world. Inspired by the five themes of geography, students are able to share perspective and share understanding through original poetry and photography. The quest is simple: take a picture out of your window, write a poem addressing the five themes of geography, photo edit to match the theme, mood, and tone, and publish!

Poetry is powerful, offering a direct connection to the deepest parts…

A one-stop resource for podcasting with your students

Scroll to the bottom for a full length Synth infographic

I would like to start right away by setting up the the purpose of this series, which will be two-fold:

  1. To finally give educators the resource they’ve been looking for for podcasting in the classroom — a place to go and not only find real guides for using Synth from teachers, but also be invited to engage in dialogue so that these practices can constantly be refined.
  2. To provide Synth Educators — the name given to teachers in our ambassador program — a forum to share their expertise and invite others to experiment with classroom podcasting in all its forms.

The competition results are in!

A little over a month ago, we launched a student podcast competition with two goals in mind: 1. to give opportunity to those younger students who were not able to enter the NPR challenge, and 2. to enable teachers and students to showcase the great work they are doing within Synth. We get to listen to samples of what they are creating all the time, and we thought it was time for the world to get to listen to them too.

We have been extremely impressed with the submissions and are deeply grateful to each and every student who took…

Plus a Synth update that allows more students to participate

We are excited to announce the judges have been chosen for the Student Podcast Competition! These judges were selected either because of their significant contribution to the educational podcasting community or because of their expertise and support for growth within the podcasting industry. We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce them in a way that highlights their credentials and their support of student podcasting.

Christopher Nesi Chris is the host of the House of Ed Tech Podcast and Podcast PD. He also founded the Education Podcast Network in 2015, the goal of which is to “encourage you to…

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