Sara Clayton I’ve recently changed careers into UX Design and am soaking up as much information as…
Fiko Metjahic

Hi Fiko,

I totally understand — and in fact, I’m going through the same situation. It’s true. When it comes to UX design, a lot of places do want more seasoned folks. If you’re job hunting, you’ll just need to keep on pushing. It is an extremely frustrating process, since time is something that is out of your hands. So think of all the ways you can get your start — through a staffing agency, startup, not very well-known companies, etc. No, it’s probably not ideal. Everyone wants to do design at a Facebook or a Google, but it takes time, lots of practice, and luck. Not to mention, UX design is getting more and more competitive each year. Everyone needs to start somewhere, even though starting out may be rocky. But let’s hope it pays off for both of us :)

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