Learn about their scary #privacysetting in just a snap!

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For my social media network, I chose Snapchat. Before we begin, Snapchat is a camera and microphone company which means that the privacy settings and permissions are more altered to your camera and access and the extent they have to access your information. Firstly on their privacy policy page they announce the three types of information they collect per user in a “blissful” way. The first category is information you choose to give us which is includes your username, password, phone number, email and date of birth. Right off the bat, they have every single personal piece of information, addressed explicitly in their first paragraph. They also state that they save Snaps and Chats that you send to your friends and say “don’t send content you wouldn’t want someone to save or share”. Next, they list the information we get when you use their service. They collect the usage information such as the filters you use on a photo as well as the time, date, name, screenshots and number of messages you exchange with each friend on your snapchat. In content information, they collect the stickers you use, is the recipient has opened the message and the metadata with the content. To learn more about the new policy update used today click here.

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Furthermore, they even collect your device information like software, phone model, apps and memory #scary! They have access to your cookies and login information. With the third-party information, they can access your web browser type, pages viewed and IP address. Later on, they state that they share your information with family companies, meaning that other apps have access to your information. They also say they keep your content for a certain amount of time: the attachments in the chat are permanent and the snapchat stories last longer than the expiry. The ads in snapchat are also altered to your interests and every user has different targeted ads. Snapchat collects a lot of your information, however they do provide many options to control your privacy and who has access to it.

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In the terms of service, they state that you must be older than 13 and you must agree with the laws in United States in order to use it. In terms of safety, they refuse services to robot, spider and more as well as uploading viruses and malicious codes. They also stress that if you forget your snapchat memories password or enter it too many times incorrectly, then they ban you access and all your content is deleted in that folder. Lastly, they state that they have access to delete your content! When managing your account you can give permission to location, camera, microphone, notifications, photos, contacts, clipboard. You can also manage your ad preferences and maps. You can also manage who can contact you, view your stories, see your location and see you in quick add. This allows you to alter your content to be shown to certain people.

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If you are a new user on snapchat, take more precautions than other social media apps. To begin, you should have a password that is easier to remember more than it is hard to hack. The reason is because you do not want too many attempts where they can delete your content. Next, you would want to disable contacts and clipboard as well as phone numbers. This allows privacy for your friends and family on your contact lists and to not access your links. In the “who can…” section, leave every option on “My Friends”. The reason for this is so strangers can not send you Snaps and Chats without going through a friend request or permission first. Next, be very careful with what you post, especially to your Live Story and Our Story because anyone can watch it and snapchat can save it as well. Lastly, you should always read the terms of service and privacy policy before finalizing your account and always research people’s experience with the latest updates when creating your account.