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EID100 has been a great experience for my first year of university. Like most, I was overwhelmed walking into a lecture for the first time. However, EID100 was very welcoming and intriguing. Everything you learn in this course teaches you something new about the internet and the software you are using. The assignments are very open to express your creativity and the modules are a great way to get you writing and researching. But I was especially nervous for the EID100 midterm exam, since it was my first university exam. It was definitely a struggle, but with these tips I guarantee you will get through this exam.

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Tip number one: Write down notes just like everyone. Especially what is not on the slides. Pay close attention to examples or names he uses in class. This will come in handy on the exam when a question requires you to use examples to support your answer. Taking down notes also keeps you engaged in the class. Study shows that we tend to lose 40% of new information by just hearing, however if you take notes you are able to retrieve almost 100% of the information you receive. So make sure you come to class with a computer at full charge!

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Tip number two: Twitter is your go to. During exam season, it is always a good idea to check your twitter page. This is a great way to see if the professor has tweeted something last minute about the exam. You can also be engaged by using the #EID100midterm and #EID100final so you can get marks for the exams reviews.

Tip number three: asking questions are key. If something is unclear, ask questions. I definitely hesitated to ask questions during lectures. But always try asking in class, asking after class, going to his office or even an email. Also, do not be nervous to raise your hand in class, because you question can be the answer to many others.

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Tip number four: flashcards are a score. Study shows that using flashcards help your active recall, meaning that by hearing or seeing the word it can help when seeing it during multiple choice questions. You can either make flashcards with your study notes or you can access Quizlet. Quizlet provides flashcards made by students from EID100. I strongly recommend this because it strengthens your memory better than just reading off of notes.

Tip number five: stay organized. When exams come around, make sure all your files are at reach. For better studying, keep all your files located in one folder and make a duplicate copy. Name your files according to lectures and the week it was taken. This allows you to pull up your files easily and to avoid from losing your files.

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Tip number six: Google it in a few clicks. I used google multiple times to research small things, including word definitions and diagrams. This helps you get a visual sense of what you are reading. Also, you can get better examples or definitions on terms just by looking them up on Google.

Tip number seven: go to class on week 11. In this lecture, the professor explained the exam and confirmed the location and time. Make sure you attend classes during the last week; it can be hard because of other final assignments you need to finish, but it is better than missing some important content.

Tip number eight: take a break. I know I was overwhelmed when studying for the mid-term exam. However, always try to relax your mind and take a break because it helps you remain calm and you are then able to get back to studying better than before. This also applies during the exam itself; take a 10 second breather to clear your mind.

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Tip number nine: make some time. If you have an exam coming up, book off any days off work if you have a job. Make sure you have a flexible schedule around your exam day so that nothing can interfere your studying.

Tip number ten: pull out the paper and pen. Right before your exam day, write down quick notes on a piece of paper or two. Writing actually helps you memorize better! Write down any last minute questions you have, things to remember during your exam and a few terms and definitions you are having trouble with. By doing this, you can discuss it between classmates before the exam and with the professor for clarification.

Follow these 10 tips and I guarantee you will succeed in EID100. This course offers valuable learning skills when using the internet and other programming platforms. I truly enjoyed this course and I hope you do too. As usual, do not stress and try your best. Study hard and good luck!

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