Quizlet will never fail you!

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Quizlet is by far the most user-friendly and inclusive study tool there is! It is a quizzing website used by many university students where you post flashcard-like questions and it is really helpful when studying for that big final. Quizlet can be shared with friends and classmates as well. It is very easy to use and also very useful. I had a an easy time creating my quiz without any trouble or hassle. It offers access to your phone as well for on the go.

I have researched about other quiz/study websites prior to this module, and I have found them to be either very hard to use or more work/professional related. I tried GoConqr for a bit, however I found it overwhelming with the professionalism and all the upgrades I need in order to use it any further. However, Quizlet does offer upgrades as well called Quizlet Plus and it is $1.67 a month and it has multiple “superpowers”. These include long term learning, adding images to quizzes, recording audio, create unlimited groups, ad-free and unlimited locations and shapes.

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My experience with using Quizlet was as expected. An efficient website that met all my necessities and more. Quizlet uses small details that make it accessible and easier for everyone. In the search bar, I looked up “eid100” and the results were pretty fascinating. A bunch of quizzes created by other EID100 students are posted and easily accessible. What I found very helpful is the game options, Match and Gravity. This really helps me study as I am put under pressure and put my knowledge skills to the test… literally. This also has an amazing appeal to different types of learners as it provides different testing and study methods; flashcards for visual learners, spell for auditory learners, write for reading/writing learners and test for kinesthetic learners.

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How to use:

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When you first enter the website, it asks you if you are a teacher or student. If you are a university student, choose the student option. Next, sign in using either Facebook or a Google account. For a Ryerson student, using the Ryerson email for the google account is the best option. Now that you are all set up, find the search bar. Enter a keyword to a topic you are interested in studying for.

Source: Sara Conde’s Quizlet

Next you are going to hit “create a new study” button to make a quiz. Fill in the subject, chapter and unit box. Drag and drop images (optional) and adjust the settings for “change to everyone” and “only edited by me” if needed. Lastly, push the “create” button and there you go! Now you can share your quiz to a classroom and go back whenever you want to edit.

In conclusion, Quizlet is an amazing study tool perfect for one time use or daily use. It provides many options for types of quizzes you want to create for any subject there is! I will personally use Quizlet myself to study for this EID100 final. Check out my Quizlet before you go!

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