Effects of Technology On Us Humans

Technology is something not so new to us. We all have phones, computers, laptops, TVs, and even social media. But compared to the old times, there are many differences. There are many effects of technology to us humans. There are positive effects, and negative effects. But either way, they make our lives easier.

Technology has made a big impact on our lives, and has given us some advantages. Nowadays, we can communicate with our family members and friends in other countries. Before, we used letters, and it would take a long time for them to receive our message. Now, with just a click, messages can be sent instantly. Also, with the help of the internet, we can learn new things. With technology, we can now entertain ourselves and pass time using social media. For students, they can easily research information for homework and projects. With all these positive effects (there are more), it is clear that technology has given us an advantage of an easier life. But for some, they have been negatively affected by technology. They have become too addicted to playing games, and using social media. Children are affected badly because of lack of physical activities and exercise. Too much use of technology can affect the eyesight, and a few parts of the brain too. Too much use of technology, specifically social media, can be dangerous, especially for little kids. If we expose too much information about ourselves, our accounts may be hacked and it may or may not cause trouble. Even though the use of technology is fun and entertaining, sometimes we shouldn’t be too addicted.

For me, I think technology has changed my life a lot. From easier communication and research, as a student, I thank whoever invented technology for all the good advantages it has provided me. I can do my homework and research in the easiest ways. For me, I think technology is a good thing.



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