Is it me or a whole generation?

So, Since I started working I had this feeling of dissatisfaction, every time was the same: I started all happy, enthusiast and ready to work and after some months, sometimes a year, I started feeling stuck. I needed change, I didn’t have what I want, and yet, I don’t know what that is…

“Are you happy?”

While writing I guess, is it that Gen Y -or the famous Millennials- got to chose whatever they wanted to be that we don’t know what the hell we want? It is too overwhelming.

Also we got the message that we are special, we have potential, “Imagine whatever you want to do, and do it”. I see all this entrepreneurs, all this millennials making a life out of a simple idea, or a great one, changing the world or living the dream of having a multi billionaire start up. I’m not one of them.

I have a friend, he’s riding his bike somewhere in Spain. He’s traveling 3 months and he loves it -until he remembers that returning to Mexico City he has no savings, no apartment, and he will get back to his mom’s. Little money and lots of adventures. Talking to him we found out he didn’t feel satisfied, he said to me “It seems we can`t get enough”. Is it? Are we doomed of never feel satisfaction, or to reach our goals so the next minute we feel again this eagerness to tackle something else? Is this ambitious or just chronic dissatisfaction?

Yes, now I feel more connected with the pad I chose, I manage to work now on my own schedule. That doesn’t mean I have it all figured out, but really, who does it?

We were told to feel free, to do whatever we wanted to. We were told we were special, and also we coined the YOLO way of life. Are we really enjoying the ride? Or do you feel as lost as I?