Sara Dietschy
Jul 21, 2017 · 2 min read

You have a lot of ideas & need to write them down somewhere other than your notes app on your iPhone.

Whiteboards are very expensive. I wanted a whiteboard that was tall and capable of standing on its own.

What you’ll need (everything can be bought from Home Depot): 8′x4′ White HardBoard, Gorilla Glue, (4) 6′ Wood Planks

That’s literally all you need. I used the gorilla glue to attach the wood planks to the white hardboard so the hardboard would not bend (tip: a little gorilla goes a long way). I had them cut the board at Home Depot. It did not cost any additional money since they do 3 cuts for free. The dimensions of each board are 6′ x 2′. I had a left over 2′ x 2′ board.

The added support of the wood planks help with the mobility of the white boards. Being able to move them to and from my room is very convenient and lends to a lot of flexibility if they are used in any kind of work space.

Markers are easily erased with an eraser (not your hands) after a few minutes after writing but the dry erase spray is needed to erase marker that has set on the board for over 3–5 days. *Don’t let writings set for more than a couple of weeks — it becomes very hard to remove. But heck it’s so cheap; if you ruin a board just go buy another for ten dollars.*

Of course you won’t get the smoothness and ease of erasing from this as a normal white board but this option is insanely cheap and functional compared to the latter option.

Feel free to share if you found this helpful or drop a comment if you have any questions.

xx Sara Peachy

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