Backpacking Shasta-Trinity Alps Wilderness

Diamond Lake — Shasta-Trinity Alps Wilderness

Shasta-Trinity Alps Wilderness Four Mile Loop has hands down secured a spot on my list of top 5 hikes. It is easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, ranking up there with Yosemite and Interlaken, Switzerland.

We started our weekend at a hotel in nearby Redding. Driving up from the Bay Area Friday night allowed us to start our hike fairly early in the morning. Our hike began at the Stoney Ridge trailhead after a drive up a mountainous dirt road.

One of the best parts of this hike is the vast variety of geography. Our ten mile hike in took us up and over 3 peaks, each with a completely different view from the other side. This hike included stream crossings, as well as snow crossings, which is a bit surprising considering the warm weather and that it was mid-July!

Deer Lake- Shasta-Trinity Alps Wilderness

Once you get to the top of the Stoney Ridge trail and join up with the Four Mile Loop, you have your choice of lakes to camp near. We decided to continue on ward, passing Deer and Summit Lakes, stopping when we got to Diamond Lake, arguably the prettiest of the 4 lakes. The ground around the lake is fairly lumpy, making finding a camping spot a bit challenging, but totally doable.

Once camp was set up, we took a quick dip in the lake. The water was a little warmer than expected and was super refreshing after our long hike.

Round trip it was ~20 miles to Diamond Lake and back out via the Stoney Ridge trail. I highly recommend this hike to experienced hikers and backpackers. It was quite tough, but completely worth it.

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