I recently got the wait-staff reviews exercise as a take-home design question. I thought it would be useful to share my design and my process with the community.


“While there are many ways to rate and review restaurants, these are not focused on evaluating individuals servers. Design an experience where diners can submit positive comments and constructive suggestions for the wait staff, and servers can use this feedback to both improve and help to secure new employment.”


Building this product will have the below value propositions:

  • Enables diners to provide feedback to the wait-staff and voice their opinion
  • ​Wait-staff can…

(A visualisation of an iterative user-centred design process) by Matthew Magain & Luke Chambers

What is your design process? A question I get asked pretty frequently by people I meet. To start with I feel it always depends on your working environment and the type of company you are working for.
Startups for example play this game quiet a bit differently.

With Attendible we decided early on that we wanted to be agile and we wanted to adopt lean methods in our working process (please refer to Lean UX by Jedd Gothelf to get an idea of what Lean UX is). We were a startup and to be able to compete with companies that…

Graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor in Architecture was not one of the best things that can happen to an ambitious fresh graduate. I found myself in Seattle with a degree in architecture design (do not mistake it with computer architecture) but no jobs in the market. The only obvious path for me was to find a job as a designer. I joined Attendible as a designer and started my journey in UX. Architecture and UX might seem like two different fields but it’s amazing the similarities they share. …

Sara Farhat B

UX designer at Formotus

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