Invest in client — agency relationships

Lately I’ve been watching a trend come to life — agencies are becoming more and more creative about how they present their offices. A couple of weeks ago I was at the agency Fjord during an event, they have rebuilt their entire work space to make room for more frequent events both internal and external. They had a nice area for presentations and inspirational talks. I absolutely love that idea of sharing is caring. I also believe this is they way to motivate employees, and attract new talents. I believe this is a great way to invest in people.

This past week I got an invite to Rebel & bird — they are having festival, I’m really exited to se what they have been up to, and to explore what the have to share.

Almost every agency host breakfast seminars. This has become a standard for showing of your knowledge, which I also like, I’m a fan of fast knowledge and love mornings sessions together with some breakfast, it’s a great way to start the day. Events in general are great, my favorite ones are hackatons where people spend a long enough time in one place and share knowledge with each other. All while investing energy in a certain project and feel connected to that space when leaving.

We spend a lot of time to impress others but what do can we do for our clients?

Reflections from the Agency of the Year ( Årets byrå ) was that the clients wish for more digital expertise, and for me thats not very surprising. But how can you shorten the gap between agency expertise and the client? A lot of times finished work dosen’t precisely communicate the agencies original idea, and sometimes I believe it’s because the bridge between: user experience, design and the content don’t quite match. It all need’s to combine together for the best outcome.

In a world where a lot of agency’s provides the same expertise, I believe it might be hard to find who to trust with your product. There for I believe we need to be able to give the client a reason to trust us. Can agencies provide events for the clients instead of our own industry. This might help clients and agencies gain a better understanding for each other. Since I believe that — In the end it’s all about people, and when you work with people you need to understand them. We need to understand their values and their needs to make the best product possible. The digitalization came awhile ago, so we all just need to jump onboard to help each other adapt.