Project 100

Lately I been trying to figure out my WHY ( yes some deep stuff ) why do I exist and what do I want to do with my time. I spent a lot of thinking and came up with a few things.

  1. I want to help others ( with my knowledge in my field )
  2. I want to inspire & understand peoples needs
  3. I want to have made a differens for other people

I feel like a lot of people are afraid to ask for help (maybe it’s a Swedish thing?) But I decided that I want to do a little project called Design your life. What knowledge do I have that can help you in your direction? You will get 30 min of my time and I will get your feedback. This can be anything from sketches for a logo, brainstorming help, social media, CV, photoshopping, feedback on something, wedding invitations, ask and se if I can help. But to keep in mind that it has to be in my field as a Graphic designer / Art director. My plan is to help 100 people, if you know anyone I can help in their way succeeding their dreams.

Here are the first four that I have helped so far.

  1. Helping Matsmart to write job ad,
  2. Logo For SthlmDress

3. Logo Thaimout

4. Taking photos of the girls at

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