There are quite a few things I said I’d never do, or professed not to like: wear denim-on-denim, high-waisted pants, or a scrunchie around my wrist, for example. Sprinkle parsley on anything, eat roasted beets, or roll my own gnocchi are some others. I prefer not to sit facing backward…

Armed with smartphones, Google Maps, and a whole lot of heart, FlashInvaders players are crisscrossing the globe in pursuit of street art.

With additional reporting by John Kearney
Photographs by Peter Funch
Typography and illustrations by Walter Newton

Flasher Matt Nguyen scoops up points by snagging a ghost in Paris.

NINE DAYS before his wife, Jessica, was due to give birth to their first daughter on December 28, Paris-based particle physicist Matt Nguyen squeezed in a secret day trip to Marseille, 466 miles away…

Sara Lieberman

Writer (AFAR, CNT, T&L, NY Times, WaPo and more), Editor (former NY Post), Wanderer (expat living in Paris since 2014), Lover (chocolate & cheese). Also: yoga.

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