#FakeTenure in Wisconsin Has Arrived

Back in October I wrote about the effort to redefine tenure in Wisconsin public higher education in a blog describing the difference between #TrueTenure and #FakeTenure . Later this week, the University of Wisconsin System’s Board of Regents will finalize a policy that institutes #FakeTenure across all 26 of its colleges and universities, including UW-Madison.

My colleague, economist Dave VanNess, developed this beautiful illustration of what #FakeTenure looks like. The terms of our employment will be redefined, as follows:

Effective terms of employment in UW System, following pending changes to tenure rules

Under the new regime, the path to firing tenured faculty is quite clear — simply redirect their academic program so that they are no longer “needed.” In my case, all that would be required is for the School of Education to decide that the Department of Educational Policy Studies no longer needs to include a scholar of higher education. As I’m the only one, I’m gone. Neat, complete, finite.

So yes, as I told Wisconsin Public Radio last Friday when they asked me about my scholar-activism and tenure, I will be leaving Wisconsin soon. In a few short weeks, I’ll fill you in on the details. Make no mistake, this isn’t what I wanted at all…my heart breaks for what this place has become, and how quickly public higher education is being destroyed.

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