If I Were President — Letter from my Son

My oldest child is 9 years old. He has grown up participating in political debates and discussions in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin. And he’s been watching this presidential debate with great interest. Tonight he shared this letter with me, and gave me permission to share it with you. Right now he’s watching Senator Bernie Sanders in the Las Vegas town hall…

“This is what I would do if I was President. I would pass some laws to let kids go to college for free and also have people pay teachers more money. And the people that live in different countries that are poor, like part of Africa, I would visit them and send people there to give them lots of food and health. Also if ever I win, I will let them be my Vice President ( that is where if I die or get really sick they will cover for me). So I will meet with people that are really poor to take care of them.

Just because you live in a different country or you have a different skin color that doesn’t mean you are not a human — you are still a human just with a different culture. All the kids around the world should be equally treated the same. If I was President I would make that happen. Also, who knows, one day I might become President of the United States of America.

Also if I was President I would make sure all the kids in the world, no matter if they’re poor or rich, they would go to school. Also if the poor don’t have a house or a good house I would give them a house because every family or kid or parent needs a house.

And if one day you ever become President of the United States, try to be a good President.”